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Truepress Jet W3200UVII Series

TRUST Network Service

Full after-sales service network ensures more reliable system operation, helping to build a stronger production base and greater peace of mind for customers

Real-time maintenance minimizes down time


On-demand printing requires an ability to handle jobs with extremely short turnarounds. If equipment is vulnerable to unexpected problems, these deadlines become difficult to meet and more importantly, a company’s reputation can be badly damaged, with both sales and client confidence suffering.
TRUST Network Service is a proprietary support program provided by Screen to address these very real concerns. This program offers a full menu of services including predictive diagnosis based on monitoring of normal equipment conditions, as well as regular analytical and maintenance reports. If trouble does occur, it is also able to precisely identify the area of malfunction.
In essence, TRUST Network Service is designed to minimize downtime and help build a stable base for effective production.

Precise identification of errors minimizes downtime


TRUST Assist is a remote service used to perform protective maintenance and if necessary, recovery of a system. If there is a problem, the SCREEN Group’s specialized personnel perform a highly detailed and precise analysis of the equipment status using the error logs, allowing them to quickly classify the malfunction.
Problems with equipment software, parameter settings and operations can usually be effectively resolved simply through remote maintenance. Even when hardware malfunctions occur, Screen technicians can gain an accurate understanding of the equipment status using remote diagnosis, enabling them to make appropriate preparations before visiting the site.
This advance knowledge helps them to quickly and reliably perform repair work and thereby reduce downtime to an absolute minimum.


Customers are updated with the latest maintenance information


TRUST Dialog is a cloud-based service that provides individual clients with their own “page”. Along with service manuals and videos introducing topics such as maintenance procedures, this is where clients can receive reports analyzing the operational efficiency of their systems and the latest maintenance data.

Predictive diagnosis helps to identify potential problems

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TRUST Guard is a service that allows Screen’s specialized personnel to precisely understand the current condition of a system using log information and based on this, to reliably diagnose any potential problems. It also enables them to identify the optimal replacement timings for periodic maintenance parts and to create analytical reports that can be used for production and cost management.

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