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Truepress Jet W3200UVII Series


Product Overview (Truepress Jet W3200UVII Series)

Wide-format UV Inkjet Printing System
A revolution in speed for in-store promotions

A new high-speed model joins the highly successful Truepress Jet W3200UVII series.

The challenge: to convert products shops want to sell into items customers want to buy.
POP displays have a proven ability to strongly influence purchasing behavior.
The Truepress Jet W3200UVII delivers previously unseen performance when handling diverse, large-lot jobs requiring a quick turnaround. This highly regarded system can also be upgraded to SCREEN’s new high-speed model, the Truepress Jet W3200UVII HS.
Rapidly changing consumer needs can now be met as they arise without missed opportunities.
With its unsurpassed throughput, UV inkjet printing brings a level of flexibility and cost performance to the handling of media that is difficult to achieve with offset or screen printing – particularly with short-run work.
The difference compared to conventional POP production systems is remarkable.
The exact promotional tools required by outlet shops and other distributors can now be delivered as they are needed.
UV inkjet printing marks the start of a major revolution for in-store promotions.

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