Truepress Jet L350UV



EQUIOS, the universal workflow system, is bundled with the Truepress Jet L350UV as a standard package. EQUIOS provides a wealth of professional features based on SCREEN's extensive experience, including high-speed processing using the latest RIP core, practical and straightforward color management linked to the paper information, and easy-to-use imposition functions incorporating SCREEN's prepress knowledge. These features ensure simple operation regardless of the operator’s own personal experience and skills.

Optional linking with MIS

EQUIOS will soon be able to link with a management information system (MIS) using the JDF (option). It will be possible to execute processing automatically based on the JDF, with the results fed back to the MIS. This will allow more precise progress management and cost control, as well as process planning.


Text choke


In label printing, the use of outline fonts is common. However, when fonts are converted to outline text, the characters can increase in thickness by up to one pixel. EQUIOS is equipped with a function that effectively corrects for any increase in thickness. Using the function, it is possible to output text and then check and set a desired choke volume. This enables the selection of the optimal character thickness for individual applications.

Color matching with existing samples


With label printing, an existing item may be supplied as a sample, and the printing company is required to match the colors. Even in a situation like this, EQUIOS is able to smoothly match the colors of new print output with existing items.
EQUIOS first picks up the standard colors in the previously created label and uses them as references to perform colorimetry. It then records the differences between the reference and actual values for the existing label in an ICC profile and finally performs color adjustment.

Color conversion function


When outputting CMYK data, it is possible to convert to the standard color space set in EQUIOS and then perform reconversion to a CMYK color space that matches the target label. This enables the achievement of color reproduction that perfectly matches the specified materials.
If spot colors are specified in the Pantone or DIC color tables, they are directly converted from the Lab values in the table to CMYK data. This process enables the reproduction of colors that are closer to the original spot colors.

Full-color variable data processing (option)


The full-color variable printing required for label production can be conveniently handled via PDF input. Processing can be performed rapidly from RIPing to output, helping to optimize the print environment.

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