Truepress Jet520EX


Launching a new era in on-demand monochrome printing

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Reliability : The reliable, proven Truepress Jet520 series

The Truepress Jet520 is representative of the Screen’s inkjet printing systems, Truepress Jet520 series, in being highly regarded for both its high quality and consistent output, and has a great track record of installation for a variety of variable printing applications.

Productivity : The output speed of 128 meters per minute

The remarkable 128-meter-per-minute printing speed and roll-to-roll transport system enable stable and continuous printing production.
What’s more, a variety of post-press equipment can be connected inline/offline to the Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome, so users can create the right processing environment for any work they do.

Quality : The high quality and consistent output thanks to monochrome optimized production

The Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome features superior tone control optimized for monochrome printing, as well as a unique screening algorithm.
The unit also features a built-in quality control scanner that reads a printed test chart and automatically corrects for any problems, ensuring consistent output result throughout each job as the system prints.

Ecology & Economy : Eco-friendly and User-friendly design

Low power consumption is typical of inkjet printers, but the Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome features a design that enables it to use even less power than other inkjet printers.
This futuristic design also reduces CO2 emissions and enables operation with significantly lower running costs.
What's more, the Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome produces very little noise, which contributes to a more pleasant work environment.

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