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Truepress Jet520NX


Comprehensive inspection solution ensures outstanding
reliability for all printed materials

As print quality has continued to increase, calls for improved detection capabilities have also grown. The Truepress Jet520NX is preloaded with JetInspection, software that is capable of performing highly comprehensive real-time inspection of high-quality variable images across all pages, in addition to providing conventional processing of OCR fonts and decoding of barcodes.
As well as significantly reducing cost and time requirements, JetInspection supports the development of new printing applications.

Secure workflow for transaction printing

inspection_1.jpgWhen using PDF/VT data in transaction printing, the preview images created during RIP processing and print result images captured via camera can be compared and inspected in real time. This feature supports the construction of a secure inline workflow that is able to precisely and reliably reproduce data including highly confidential personal information.

Original built-in design


The Truepress Jet520NX is equipped with JetInspection, its own specially designed, dedicated inspection system. JetInspection can be controlled
directly from the operation panel of the Truepress Jet520NX.
Even during printing, the operator is alerted by a warning light if any defects are detected and images of the defects and their positions can be checked in real-time via the operation panel and network. It is also possible to automatically create files for defect image data and link to postpress using printouts and CSV files.

Superior defect detection function

Inspection is highly detailed. It is possible to detect everything from OCR fonts, decoded barcodes and missing dots to foreign substances, color variations and improperly output text. Operators can also register printing data and the base color of the paper in advance. This helps prevent false positives and improves the accuracy of defect detection.

Integration with conventional processing

When performing conventional overprinting, if the printing data is first captured via camera and preregistered, it can also be used during inspection of the overprinting. This allows the advance detection and specification of various problems that often escaped conventional inspection, including marking and inclusion of foreign particles in the paper of the initial printing.

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