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PlateRite 8600N-Z/S/E

Product Overview (PlateRite 8600N-Z/S/E)

Thermal Plate Recorder
The versatility and performance you need for your pressroom

The PlateRite 8600N-Z/S/E are standard thermal CtP recorders that output B1-size plates.
The PlateRite 8600N-Z and PlateRite 8600N-S feature a 64-channel light source that makes it possible to output a blistering 23 B1-size plates per hour* on the high-speed rotating drum. The PlateRite 8600N-E features a 32-channel light source; the PlateRite 8600N-E can output up to 14 B1-size plates per hour*.
*1,030 x 800 mm(40.5 x 31.4") plates at 2,400dpi

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