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PlateRite Ultima 36000/24000

Product Overview (PlateRite Ultima 36000/24000)

Thermal Plate Recorder
Large, multi-format platesetter with unprecedented speed and quality

SCREEN has dedicated itself to developing advanced technology that is a step ahead, so that we can consistently offer optimal solutions that streamline processing while improving productivity and quality.
The crystallization of SCREEN’s efforts in the CTP field is our latest large-format thermal platesetters, the PlateRite Ultima 36000 and PlateRite Ultima 24000. The PlateRite Ultima36000 can output large-format plates up to 2,100 x 1,600 mm in size, while the PlateRite Ultima 24000 can output plates up to 1,750x 1,400 mm.
The minimum plate size for both units is 650 x 550 mm, making them suitable for a wide range of plate formats.
What’smore, both of these platesetters can load pairs of plates onto the drum at the same time and image them together. The PlateRiteUltima 36000 can image two 1,060 x 1,600 plates together, while the PlateRite Ultima 24000 can image two 1,060 x 1,400 plates together. Both units feature a high-productivity GLV™ (Grating Light Valve™) light source to ensure plates are output quickly.

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