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PlateRite Ultima 48000/40000


Product Overview (PlateRite Ultima 48000/40000)

Thermal Plate Recorder
Maximize the productivity of your large-format web offset press with a CtP recorder that supports the world’s largest plates

In recent years, the publishing and printing industries have been striving to achieve efficient production of varied products with faster turnarounds. The ability to create plates with multiple impositions that allow the simultaneous printing of several different printed products has increased interest in the use of super-large-format web offset printing presses, which can print large volumes quickly. The PlateRite Ultima 48000 and PlateRite Ultima 40000 multi-format thermal plate recorders were created to meet the needs of users who want to take full advantage of the super-large format.The PlateRite Ultima 48000 can image onto a variety of plate sizes, up to and including the world’s largest plates, which measure 2,900 x 1,350 mm—big enough for 96 A4-size pages. This makes the PlateRite Ultima 48000 the ideal CtP recorder for use with super-large-format web offset presses, which are expected to become common in the future. The PlateRite Ultima 40000 features a space-saving design, but is still capable of output onto plates up to 2,280 x 1,600 mm—big enough for 80 A4-size pages.

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