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TRUST Profiler


Supported colorimeters

(support for profile creation, certification or both of these functions)

・X-Rite i1Pro 2
・X-Rite i1 (Pro)
・X-Rite i1 iO
・X-Rite i1 iSis (XL)

Profile creation is also possible for colorimeters other than those listed above.
Measurement results should be saved to files and uploaded to the TRUST Profiler Web server.

Supported browsers

・Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher (Windows OS only)

1. Functions such as hibernation, standby or sleep modes should be turned off. If these functions are on, the TRUST Profiler session times out after a preset period and users are automatically logged out.
2. Each time TRUST Profiler is launched, it runs a check for the required plugins. If a plugin is not found, TRUST Profiler installs it automatically.
TRUST Profiler also checks for updates to the measurement plugin at the same time. If a newer version is available, TRUST Profiler updates the plugin automatically.
• Microsoft Silverlight plugin
• TRUST Profiler measurement plugin (IE add-on)

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