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TRUST Profiler


Product Overview (TRUST Profiler)

Color management
High-precision, cloud-based color management between devices

Gaining the trust of your clients and building a solid business relationship requires rigorous standardization and quality control of colors.
This applies to every aspect of the printing process, from page proofing and small lot printing on toner-based POD systems to imposition proofing on inkjet systems and high-volume production on offset systems.
TRUST Profiler color management system is able to compare color measurement results with any standardized color space defined by your company and identify any differences. If these variations exceed your predefined allowable ranges, TRUST Profiler can easily recreate the ICC profile.
As a cloud-based service, TRUST Profiler can immediately verify color management and reproduction operations across any number of locations.* For you, this means more efficient quality management and better color reproduction, and of course satisfied clients who trust your company.
* Individual licenses are required for each location.

TRUST Profiler's two main features

Assesses the conformity of print results and standard color values

Color matching
Performs automatic adjustment to ensure high-precision color reproduction

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