TRUST Network Service



Protection of client equipment
Failure reporting functions
Client systems are constantly monitored to detect stoppages and other critical issues, as well as the errors that predict them. This information is immediately reported to SCREEN support staff by e-mail.

Condition monitoring

Remote monitoring of systems improves decisions on when to replace parts based on actual operating conditions and enables the early detection of minor issues that can lead to serious malfunctions. This operating data is provided to clients in specially created analytical reports.

Remote assistance of clients
SCREEN staff are able to use a shared interface to remotely provide operators with an extensive range of support, including assistance with efficiency analyses, recovery processes and operational procedures. TRUST Assist has been carefully designed to improve system reliability and operability, without the installation of specialized tools.

Communication with clients
All clients are provided with a dedicated Web page that allows them to access a wide variety of service information. As well as manuals and maintenance videos, this is where clients can receive reports analyzing the operational efficiency of their systems (TRUST Guard reports).

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