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  • CTP
    • 48-16 Page Thermal CTP
      • PlateRite Ultima 48000/40000
        Thermal Plate Recorder
        Maximize the productivity of your large-format web offset press with a CtP recorder that supports the world’s largest plates
      • PlateRite Ultima 36000/24000
        Thermal Plate Recorder
        Large, multi-format platesetter with unprecedented speed and quality
      • PlateRite Ultima 16000N-Z/S/E
        Thermal Plate Recorder
        High-performance CtP system featuring industry-leading productivity, operability and energy efficiency
    • 8 Page Thermal CTP
    • 4 Page Thermal CTP
      • PlateRite 4600Z/S/E
        Thermal Plate Recorder
        New high-end model delivers outstanding performance for 4-page thermal CtP systems!
    • Flexo/Letterpress CTP
      • PlateRite FX1524/FX1200
        Flexo letterpress CTP
        Provides higher quality and efficiency for flexo & letterpress printing
      • PlateRite FX870II
        Flexo letterpress CTP
        Provides higher quality and efficiency for flexo & letterpress printing
  • Digital Printing
    • Truepress JetSX
      Full Color Variable Sheet-fed Inkjet Press
      World's first B2 duplex variable inkjet printing system
    • Truepress Jet520HD
      Full-Color Variable Printing System
      Capitalizing on the quality, speed, accuracy, and innovation in inkjet printing, we are continually evolving the Truepress Jet520 series printing.
    • Truepress Jet520NX
      Full-Color Variable Printing System
      The Next-Generation Standard for Transaction Printing
    • Truepress Jet520ZZ
      Full Color Variable Printing System
      The flagship model of the Truepress Jet520 series,
      offering top output speed!
    • Truepress Jet520 Advanced
      Full-Color Variable Printing System
      Incredible performance and reliability Globally recognized world standard model
    • Truepress Jet520
      Full Color Variable Inkjet Printing System
      High-quality variable printing to expand your business opportunities
    • Truepress Jet520EX Advanced
      Variable Printing System
      Practical solution for the monochrome printing market
    • Truepress Jet520EX
      Variable Printing System
      Launching a new era in on-demand monochrome printing
    • Truepress Jet W3200UVII Series
      Wide-format UV Inkjet Printing System
      A revolution in speed for in-store promotions
    • Truepress Jet2500UV
      Wide-format UV inkjet printing system
      A UV inkjet printer that will revolutionize the sign/display business
    • Truepress Jet L350UV+ Series
      UV Inkjet Label Printing System
      Creating innovation in label printing
    • Truepress Jet L350UV
      UV Inkjet Label Printing System
      Digital flexibility and advanced color reproduction introduce a new era in label and package printing
    • Truepress Jet L250AQ
      Inkjet Label Printing System
      A new approach to label printing using digital inkjet technology
  • EQUIOS series
    • EQUIOS
      Workflow Solution
      Worflow that combines Screen's prepress knowhow and the latest inkjet technology
    • EQUIOS Online Ver.4
      Web Portal System
      Extends the printer's production environment to the customer's desktop
  • Workflow
    • Trueflow SE
      Upgrade to provide the ultimate workflow
      A fully JDF-compliant PDF workflow system
    • HQ-510 RIP
      Software RIP
      The RIP'ing solution you've always dreamed of, now faster and more versatile
  • Screening
    • Spekta/Spekta 2
      Hybrid AM/FM screening
      Revolutionary screening method for the digital age
  • Color Management
    • TRUST Profiler
      Color management
      High-precision, cloud-based color management between devices
    • LabFit/LabProof SE
    • LabProof SE Ver.2.22
      Color Proofing System
      Realistic proofs from an inkjet printer
  • Postpress
    • motioncutter
      Digital high-speed laser system
      Proprietary laser technology delivers high-quality cutting.Feeder enables continuous paper supply and high throughput.
  • Network Support
    • TRUST Network Service
      Network Support
      TRUST Network Service helps to optimize individual equipment operations and workflows, ensuring a consistently reliable production environment.
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