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EQUIOSNET Partnership Program

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What is EQUIOSNET Partnership Program?

The EQUIOSNET Partnership Program is a workflow collaboration scheme organized by Screen in acknowledgment of the dramatic market movement from mass production to segmented, personalized printing. Screen believes the EQUIOSNET Partnership Program enhances EQUIOSNET, Screen’s original printing business solution that combines the CtP and POD workflows. The program enables end-to-end automation, the complete production automation of everything from the customer desktop to postpress finishing, thanks to the collaboration of partner vendors from a variety of fields in the graphic arts industry. The EQUIOSNET Partnership Program will provide a variety of printing solutions that use end-to-end automation to prevent human errors, shorten turnaround time, and optimize the overall production process.
By promoting the EQUIOSNET Partnership Program, Screen will advance the trend towards the use of more automated and efficient systems in the printing industry of the future, while opening up a world of printing business opportunities for its customers.

EQUIOSNET Partnership Program


EQUIOSNET open interface

As a part of the EQUIOSNET Partnership Program, Screen is providing an open standard interface to all the partner vendors for connecting with Screen’s workflow products.

All partner companies are listed in alphabetical order.


For more information about this program, please contact us from our inquiry form.

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