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PRINT 17 FlashReport Vol.3

Staging of 50th Anniversary Party for SCREEN GP Americas, LLCGPAM_50.jpg
SCREEN GP Americas held a party at the Art Institute of Chicago on September 12 to celebrate the 50th anniversay of its establishment. The event was attended by more than 300 people including many guests and business partners from the US and other regions, helping to make it a major success.
The party started with a welcome address by SCREEN GP Americas’ President Yoji Otsuka. This was followed by a video presentation introducing the many milestones in SCREEN GP Americas’ 50 year history. The event’s warm and friendly atmosphere enabled attending customers, business partners and SCREEN representatives to further deepen existing bonds.

GPAM-50th-Anniversary-Party-1.jpg  GPAM-50th-Anniversary-Party-4.jpg

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