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Screen Launches Information Sharing Site: Promotional Showcase

Dainippon Screen's Media And Precision Technology Company has launched Promotional Showcase. The new information sharing site is designed to strengthen Screen's global marketing communication.



Promotional Showcase has been launched to share a variety of advanced printing market information from a global perspective. The site brings together a wide range of content, including product videos and news releases created for individual national markets as part of the Screen Group's efforts to expand its business worldwide.
In addition to graphic arts equipment information, visitors to the site will find timely examples of product installation cases and news releases for Japan, Europe, North and South America, and other markets, as well as updates on events and exhibitions being held in countries all around the world.
In essence, Promotional Showcase will provide a way to share a variety of information related to Screen, from details of products and the latest business models to insights supporting into diverse applications. The site is expected to play an important role in enhancing Screen's brand value.

Main features

■ Introduction of video materials via YouTube's online content sharing service.
■ Database of news releases announcing developments in different national markets.
■ Display of frequently accessed site contents organized in a ranking format.
■ Rapid release of updates and other new materials as they become available.
■ Search function that allows rapid searching according to product or content type.


Please visit the following URL to inspect the new Promotional Showcase site:


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