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— Meeting Market Needs with Wider Lineup —

Screen Launches Entry-level CtP Recorder Model for Flexo/Letterpress Printing
— Meeting Market Needs with Wider Lineup —

 The Media and Precision Technology Company (President: Katsuhiko Aoki) of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan) is proud to announce its development of the PlateRite FX870IIE, an entry-level model based on the PlateRite FX870II thermal CtP recorder for flexo and letterpress printing. Worldwide sales of the PlateRite FX870IIE will commence in May 2013, starting in Japan.

  In recent years, there has been a steady adoption of CtP recorders for flexo and letterpress printing within the sticker and label printing industry, with the goal of achieving improved print quality and more streamlined processing. At the same time, there has also been a growing need for an entry-level CtP recorder, particularly among companies that wish to maintain high quality while also reducing initial costs.

  In response to these industry trends, Screen plans to launch the PlateRite FX870IIE. This entry-level model features a reduced price yet continues to offer the same high quality and resolution, plus functions such as exposure of thermal offset plates (option), as provided by the PlateRite FX870II, released in May 2009. The PlateRite FX870IIE delivers a strong practical performance, maintaining a productivity approximately half that of acurrent model. This enables it to process flexo plates at a rate of 2 m2 per hour (around 6.6 minutes for A3 size)* and letterpress plates at 3 m2 per hour (around 4.6 minutes for A3 size).* The imaging head is also equipped with a multi-channel high-power laser diode. In addition to providing sharp imaging, this head is long-lived and inexpensive. It also offers an output resolution of 2,400 dpi, with a maximum of 4,800 dpi,** as a standard feature. This enables outstanding reproduction of very small characters and fine lines, which frequently cause problems at normal resolutions, and greatly reduces jaggies in diagonal lines and curves. As a package, these features make the PlateRite FX870IIE a CtP recorder that is capable of delivering top quality printing combining the smooth gradations and high densities only possible with flexo printing.

  With this latest addition to the PlateRite series lineup, Screen aims to better cover the diverse needs of the market and, by heavily promoting the system in emerging countries transitioning to CtP, to further expand its market share. Screen will continue to release products that cover users’ increasingly varied needs as it aims to take its place as a leading manufacturer of prepress and printing equipment for the flexo and letterpress industries.

* Productivity may vary depending on the plate sensitivity.
** 4,800 dpi screening is an option.

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