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IGAS2011 FlashReport vol.2

Flagship CtP: PlateRite HD 8900Z

The PlateRite HD 8900Z makes its debut as a flagship model offering the highest productivity of any PlateRite series system. The PlateRite HD 8900Z offers an ultra-high throughput of 67 plates per hour. In addition, the newly designed autoloader and remote control dramatically improve operability. It is also a highly environmentally friendly thermal CtP system thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, including the adoption of an energy saving mode that significantly reduces standby electricity consumption.

Wide-format UV Inkjet

A lot of printed samples using Truepress Jet UV inkjet series are displayed at IGAS. Remarkable see-through graphics for window films is one of the must-see items of Screen booth.
The Truepress Jet2500UV and the Truepress Jet1600UV feature flexibility to print on a wide variety of sustrates and create a lot of applications, such as outdoor signs, back-lit ads, intereer items, furnitures, wide format posters and POPs. You must find out some clues to expand your printing business at Screen booth.

UV Inkjet Digital Embossing System: Scodix1200

Scodix1200 made its first public debut in Japnese trade show. It can print UV clear ink upto 60μm, on from A3 to B2 format. Embossing is performed on individual sections of printed sheets, and this decoration significantly increases the impact of printed materials. The Scodix1200 is able to print clear varnish up to a thickness of 70 μm, something not possible with conventional varnish coaters or production printers (toner type POD). When combined with the Truepress JetSX or offset printing systems, the Scodix1200 is a leading unit for the value added printing solution market.

A Newly Opened Complete Solution Demo Base: "White Canvas MON-NAKA"

On 14th September, Screen held a press conference about the opening of "WHITE CANVAS MON-NAKA", a new solution demonstration center in Tokyo that offers visitors a comprehensive Print On Demand (POD) solutions, from front-end to post-press processing.
During IGAS show, Screen offers shuttle bus between IGAS site and "WHITE CANVAS MON-NAKA" for visitors to experience complete printing solution.

EQUIOSNET Partnership Program Vendors Meeting

EQUIOSNET Partnership vendors meeting was held in white canvas MON-NAKA after the opening hours of IGAS2011 on September 16th.
42 people from 15 companies were participated and a presentation about studies of End-to-End Automation was given. At this meeting, participants shared the future direction of those activities and WHITE CANVAS MON-NAKA is newly recognised as a base of complete solution and got their expectations to play an important role.

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