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dupa2008 FlashReport_Vol.3

Digest movie of Screen at drupa2008

Digest introduction of Screen's drupa2008 is now available at following web movie. Catch up Screen's what's new on your desktop !
drupa2008 Screen digest

EQUIOSNET, integrating Trueflow SE, SV-110 and EQUIOS

EQUIOSNET is a new workflow concept based on Screen Workflow core2 with conventional core consept, CRM, CIM and CMS, with additional new core consept, personalization. EQUIOSNET integrates individual key product like Trueflow SE, SV-110 and EQUIOS as a comprehensive concept. It is aloso a print business solution that brings solution for Ecology, Media MIX and Value Creation.



YourWishEco.jpg Screen spreads "YOUR WISH IS OUR PRINT ON DEMAND" ad campaign with Eco Green image at drupa.
This means Print On Demand will be an ecological way of production, eliminating mass production waste, improving efficiency and enhancing printed material values.
Screen casts a view that Print On Demand by inkjet innovations surely contributes to the human wishes, global envirionment.

- drupa2008 Ecology with Screen(PDF)

Media Mix Solution

One more key concept at Screen booth is "Media mix solution".
Screen introduces the solution to output same one source data onto various printing media. At Screen booth, you can see the multi output demo for mass production(PlateRite 4300), small lot(Trueflow and toner POD device / Truepress 344), sign and display(Truepress Jet2500UV) and transactional materials(Truepress Jet520).


Value Creation

Screen has made it possible for printing companies to achieve fast turnaround and create small lots of different products by its CtP workflow solutions. But today, with this inkjet innovative technology, business expansion from mass to personal has come to very important and printing should become not just copies but something that brings extra values.
At Screen booth, you can find various answers and hints for this, and for one example, by combining CtP/offset and the Truepress Jet SX, Screen's B2(A2-wide) sheet-fed inkjet printer, beautiful full-color personalized materials can be available.


Next, we introduce each corner solution at Screen booth with photo, please check drupa2008 FlashReport Vol.4.

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