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NEWS BOX Vol. 3~Vol. 15 (1995.12.1-2005.3.1)

Highlighting a variety of current issues in the graphic arts industry, NewsBox is an information magazine published periodically by Dainippon Screen. Check it out for a look at the latest in industry trends and news

News Box Vol.15

News Box Vol.15Product Innovation: The Wave of the Future

In the printing industry today, JDF has become more than just a productivity tool. JDF helps printing companies incorporate sales, business, and management into a single, all-encompassing workflow. With all these changes, it is important to reexamine the role of prepress within the printing workflow. Companies need to focus on strengthening every aspect of their business, and that requires more than just the process innovation of the past. Printing companies can no longer afford to limit themselves to creating a better production workflow; they must also focus on product innovation or risk falling behind.

The era of simple mass production and workflow streamlining has ended. We have now entered a new era, focused on small lot production of different types of products. Customers have also come to expect added value and a variety of different types of media. Increasing a company's business share in today's challenging business environment requires developing and pursuing clients in new markets. It is important to make the most of a company's core technology and skills, but it's also critical to focus on the kind of product innovation that will enable the company to compete effectively in new markets. The ability to use product innovation effectively is what will separate the successes from the has-beens in the printing market of tomorrow.

News Box Vol.14

A New Level of Workflow Management

Workflows have reached a new level. Improving throughput is no longer simply a matter of increasing productivity and reducing costs in each individual step of the production process; the entire process must be reexamined.

What printers need today is an integrated workflow system in which both production and management are part of a collaborative network that makes it easier to find and eliminate bottlenecks.

This issue of News Box discusses a new tool that will help businesses in the graphic production industry improve workflow efficiency and achieve maximum throughput. Known as JDF, this new tool is poised to generate a paradigm shift in the way printers do business.

This issue also discusses several new products that are sure to be an asset to any workflow. Read on to discover more about JDF and how screen can help you increase productivity while reducing costs.

News Box Vol.13

Vol.13 coverGoing Digital

Full-digital workflows go hand in hand with computer-to-plate (CTP) technology. Workflow steps that were previously achievable only with film and analog processes are now being achieved on a daily basis with electronic data. But there are many ways to build a workflow to get the most out of the flexibility offered by digital job files. In this issue we look at the different types of intermediate file formats used in today's printing industry and at ways of handling these files to achieve improved workflow. This issue also includes a gallery of printed samples that showcases the superb digital quality and detail enabled by hybrid AM/FM Spekta screening. We hope you enjoy it.

News Box Vol.12

Vol.12 coverA case of the best getting better

Computer-to-plate (CTP) technology continues to consolidate its firm position in the mainstream of the graphic arts world. No longer a new technology, more and more printers are realizing the benefits of CTP and making the transition to a fully digital workflow. As this process continues, a greater range of solutions designed to support CTP is also beginning to emerge, building on and enhancing the advantages already achieved.

News Box Vol.11

Vol.11 coverElexible progress toward more efficient procuction

Adding CTP sounds so simple, but it doesn't always seem to work out that way. Selecting the right devices and workflow tools is no easy matter. And given the changes occurring in the graphic arts world these days, the tools that are best for your needs today may not be the best for your needs tomorrow. You require flexible, efficient solutions for your business problems. The question, as ever, is where to find them. In this issue of NewsBox we present a series of imagin-ary case studies showing problems that can arise with the introduction of CTP, and how they can be preven-ted or solved. We also explore Trueflow, the world's first web-browser-based PDF workflow solution, and discuss the benefits of its advanced workflow automa-tion. Finally, in the New Products section, we intro-duce the new Cèzanne Elite, which provides even more quality and productivity than its highly success-ful predecessor, the Cèzanne scanner. Also featured in the New Products section in this issue is the PlateRite 4000 thermal platesetter, as well as an auto-loader system that reduces the need for operator intervention and further increases the operation efficiency of the thermal platesetter PlateRite series.

News Box Vol.10

Vol.10 coverIntelligence distinguishes fine shades
- of meaning - of color.

CTP technology remains a hotly debated topic. In this issue, we explore the major technical issues and offer an overview of the major plate and platesetter categories with an emphasis on distinguishing different thermal technologies. This sets the background for Screen's new PlateRite 8000 external-drum, 8-up thermal plate recorder.

We will also visit an imaginary prepress company to see how operators of different levels of experience are getting on with Screen's new ColorGenius image processing software for the Cèzanne flatbed scanner.

Also for scanning, Screenês new DustaLaVista software largely automates the process of cleaning up scanned images. And building on Screen's long-term success in the computer-to-film market, the Tanto 5120 adds even more productivity and accuracy to Screen's already formidable external drum imagesetter lineup.

News Box Vol.9

Vol.9 coverThe experience and proven technologies of the past
-the basis of creative innovation

In this issue we first explore what is behind TruePress, Screen's new strategic entry into computer-to-paper digital printing-with it, Screen's lineup now covers the full range of graphic arts functions. Next, we take some of the mystery out of CIP3 PPF, explaining exactly what it can do and where it's headed, along with outlining Screen's own contributions.

News Box Vol.8

Vol.8 coverLet your work flow....

This issue of NewsBox presents information on an issue that has been rising in prominence as the demand for full automation and streamlining of production processes increases: fully digital CTP workflow. Read on to find out more about a subject that is poised to become the defining element of contemporary graphic arts.

News Box Vol.7

Vol.7 coverThe New Technology NewsBox

This issue of NewsBox introduces a dramatic new scanner from Screen and offers a first-hand look at how one of the top printing companies in the united States is reaping the benefits of using Screen film and plate output equipment. Take a look inside to find out more about how you can use Screen's advanced technology to improve your business.

News Box Vol.6

Vol.6 coverWelcome to the future of digital prepress

This issue of NewsBox explores the changing printing world, offering advice on how best to move to the future, as well as showing a concrete example of how one company has made Screen work for them. Read on to find more about how you too can make Screen equipment part of your sucessful business.

News Box Vol.5

Vol.5 coverWelcome to the World of SHORT-RUN Color

This issue of NewsBox presents information on two issue that have been rising in prominence as the demand for full-color work and shorter turnaround times increases: direct-to-plate without the platesetter, and device-independent color management. Read on to learn how you too can make the jump to color without breaking the bank.

News Box Vol.4

Vol.4 coverWelcome to the Technological NewsBox

This issue of NewsBox presents information on two very different aspects of printing: the newly emerging world of virtual corporations, and the tried and true world of output devices. Read on to discover how you can become virtual, as well as to learn more about the technology behind the recorders so indispensable to your business.

News Box Vol.3

Vol.3 coverWelcome to NewsBox for Business Evolution

This issue of NewsBox focuses on two emerging technologies in the industry: Prepress Servers and CTP. Both are likely to have a profound effect on the development of the graphic arts industry in the coming years. In this issue, we explore what changes are likely to occur, and how you too can stay abreast of these changes.

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