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Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced

Full Color Variable Printing System
World-leading speeds revolutionize your printing business!

In today's increasingly computerized world, getting up-to-date information to clients quickly and efficiently is the key to success (for businesses throughout the global market).
This translates into both opportunities and challenges for companies in the printing industry.
Screen's Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced can help you thrive in the face of these challenges.
The Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced comes standard with Screen's EQUIOS drive module, which enables output of everything from books to full-size newspapers and more.
The combination of the Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced and EQUIOS enables you to attract new customers by offering more types of products, all while maintaining terrific output quality.

Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced


  • Speed previously given as 721.7 feetThe Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced provides high-speed output of up to 220 meters (721.7 feet) per minute. That means you can get jobs done quickly and offer superior service to customers who require fast turnarounds. The system's EQUIOS drive module helps minimize lead time, allowing you to start printing faster and giving you better operating ratios.
  • Adoption of high-efficiency
    Piezo DOD head
    The Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced features Piezo Drop on Demand (DOD) inkjet heads manufactured by Seiko Epson Corporation, which are well known for their reliability. The piezo elements in these inkjet heads change shape according to the voltage applied, enabling extremely fine control of the ink drops ejected from the head. This grayscale technology generates extremely smooth tones.
  • EQUIOS Version 3:
    Advanced workflow solution platform
    EQUIOS is a universal workflow system that draws on SCREEN’s extensive prepress and printing knowledge to maximize the performance of our cutting-edge inkjet technology. EQUIOS offers high-speed processing using Adobe’s PDF Print Engine 4, a newly developed color management system that links to paper information and an open interface that facilitates automation. These technologies create a highly user-friendly GUI that integrates SCREEN’s full prepress knowhow.
    These features have been developed based on SCREEN’s wealth of experience and encompass the full range of our professional knowledge. Together they help to provide an outstanding work environment regardless of the operator’s own skill level.


  • Transactional


    SCREEN high-speed roll-fed printing systems can make a major difference to the visual appeal of monthly financial statements, invoices, certificates and other documents. Their outstanding precision and quality also add significant value to customer communications.

  • Commercial


    Commercial printing requires high-volume production of diverse materials. Our Truepress Jet520 series of high-speed roll-fed inkjet systems fully satisfy these needs with their excellent stability, quality and productivity. Their flexible system configuration and wealth of options help to build an ideal business.


Printing method Piezo single-pass printing, four-level grayscale (finest)
Ink Water-based pigment inks, water-based dye inks, four process colors (CMYK)
Resolution Maximum 720 x 720 dpi
Printing speed Maximum 220 m (721.7')/min
Printing width 150 to 502 mm (5.90" to 19.7")
Paper width 165 to 520 mm (6.50" to 20.47")