Soft materials such as films can be laminated onto the surface of flexible devices with high precision.The surfaces of flexible devices can be effectively protected from damage.



  • The protective film is held by suction and then tilted for lamination by the roller, helping to prevent the entry of air bubbles.
  • The system is equipped with an optical auto-alignment unit, enabling high-precision lamination.


Carrier glass can be removed from flexible devices using mechanical delamination.
The system is highly suitable for the processing performed after completing laser lift-off (LLO) on flexible devices.

  • The substrate is held horizontally by suction and then mechanical delamination is performed from the carrier glass side.
  • During delamination, the removal position and speed are finely controlled, greatly reducing the stress (stretching, bending, folding) placed on film substrates.

Work size

G6 half (925 x 1,500 mm)

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