Roll to Roll Coater/Dryer RT-R350F

This compact roll-to-roll coater/dryer unites outstanding coating technology with high-precision WEB transfer technology.
Thick film coating of high viscosity material to thin film coating of low viscosity material is possible roll-to-roll.


  1. Delivers precision coating of low to high viscosity material.
  2. Suitable for various applications, such as rechargeable batteries.
  3. In addition to continuous coating, stripe coating and intermittent coating are possible.
  4. Compact but applicable to a wide range of needs from research & development to trial production.

R&D to mass production

Roll to roll coater/dryer for mass production


The independent unit configuration enables a combination of all of the necessary processing unit(s) in the desired order.

 Coating method
Slit coating (Die coating)
 Substrate type
Metal foil, resin film, etc.
 Substrate width 
Max. 350 mm
 Transfer speed
Max. 10 m/min.
 Coating film thickness
Max. 250μm
 Suitable viscosity
1 to 10,000 mPa・s
 Hot air discharge temp

Max. 130℃(standard spec.)

Coating pattern

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