Roll to Sheet Laminating Processor

The RL-500F is able to cut sheets of film from rolls and then precisely laminate these sheets onto roll format flexible substrates. The punching, laminating and cutting processes are all performed inline, helping to improve stability and productivity.
The system's main sections are equipped with motors and it uses the same multi-axis interpolation control developed for touch panel production systems. These features also increase stability while reducing startup times during unit changeover.


  1. High-precision alignment
    CCD cameras detect individual films and substrates, allowing them to be laminated with a precision of ±50 um.
  2. Roller lamination
    The RL-500F incorporates a roller system developed for film lamination equipment and it uses this system to attach extracted films onto substrates.
  3. Roll transfer
    Films are precisely transferred onto substrates without being scratched. Even during intermittent feeding, appropriate tension is maintained to prevent scratches and stretching.
  4. Knife edge separation
    The film roll is half-cut by a puncher and the separators and films are then detached by a knife edge section. After this, the individual film sheets are extracted.
  5. Punching
    The RL-500F combines single-edged, double-edged, die and other high-precision cutting tools with advanced punching technologies. They enable punching to be optimized for individual film specifications.


The RL-500F is available as either a single- or double-sided type lamination system.

Model name
Film with paste
※Cut sheet inside the machine
W:498±5mm、Outer diameter:500mm or less、Thickness:0.05 to 0.175mm
Roll core:3inch or 6inch
Film roll size
Wide: 500~510mm、Outer diameter:500mm or less、Thickness:0.1mm
Roll core:3inch or 6inch
Unwind/Punching(Knife edge)
Roller lamination
(Ordinary temp./Double-sided)
Roller lamination
(Ordinary temp./Single-sided)

Optical alignment with CCD cameras and correcting appratus

Alighment repeatability



Knife edge separation

Machine tact



L 19,350×D 3,000×H 2,200mm

L 8,650×D 3,000×H 2,200mm

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