Single Substrate Coater Multi-purpose Coater LC-M550G

The technology of high-precision slit coating system, the No.1 coater for TFT arrays for LCD worldwide, has been adopted to coater for Fan-out Panel Level Package (FOPLP). 


  1. f048_1.jpg Excellent coating uniformity

  2. f048_2.jpg Suitable for hig resolution process

  3. f048_3.jpg Applicable to coating warped panels

  4. f048_4.jpgCoater/Developer confuguration available for mass production inline configuration with Exposure/TMAH developer


 Coating method
Slit coating (Die coating)
 Coating chemical
Platting resist, photosensitive insulting material, PI, PBO, temporary adhesive, mold lubricant
Glass or mold (For film and foil, please contact us.)

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