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Ellipsometric Film Thickness Measurement System


High-end model equipped with spectroscopic ellipsometer.

  • C-WET spin

1. The optimum measurement method can be automatically selected by obtaining an approximate film thickness from the optical profile made through spectroscopic measurement. This allows even non-specialized staff to easily perform highly reliable measurements.

2. The ellipsometer is not affected by warping or bending of wafers, enabling highly accurate measurements.

3. The single wavelength ellipsometer enables a superior repeatability of σ = 0.008 nm (SiO2 on Si, t = 2 nm), even with ultra-thin films.

4. Our unique, newly adopted coordinate correlation algorithm enables an excellent image recognition rate, significantly enhancing alignment reliability.

5. A long-life laser diode is utilized as the light source of the single wavelength ellipsometer, reducing the running cost.