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SOKUDO Lithography Breakfast Forum 2012

SOKUDO Lithography Breakfast Forum 2012
The DSA Patterning Puzzle:
Assembling an IC Manufacturing Solution

Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2012
07:30 Breakfast, 08:00-10:00 Presentations
Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis,
 Mission & 4th Street, San Francisco, California

19th Annual SOKUDO Lithography Breakfast Forum Theme:

Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) has immerged as an alternative for sub-18nm patterning over the last two years. Is DSA just a interesting science project or does it have real potential for integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing.



  ITRS Emerging Research Materials Co-Chair (Michael Garner)
View Presentation (PDF: 0.4MB)
  JSR (Yoshi Hishiro)
View Presentation (PDF: 2.6MB)
  CEA-Leti (Serge Tedesco)
View Presentation (PDF: 4.5MB)
  Nikon (Stephen Renwick)
View Presentation (PDF: 1.0MB)
  Sokudo (Charles Pieczulewski)
View Presentation (PDF: 1.0MB)
  Stanford University, Electrical Eng. Dept. (Linda He Yi)
View Presentation (PDF: 6.6MB)


  • DSA materials and process challenges to reach maturity
  • DSA coat, bake/cure, develop/etch and metrology equipment
  • DSA as complement with optical, EUV, and E-Beam lithography
  • DSA process integration into IC patterning

This year’s SOKUDO Lithography Breakfast Forum 2012 brought attendees up to date on lithography alternatives and projections for 2x-1x nm node solutions.

The SOKUDO Lithography Breakfast Forum 2012 is hosted by SOKUDO Co., Ltd. in cooperation with SEMI  

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