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SOKUDO Lithography Breakfast Forum 2010

SOKUDO Lithography Breakfast Forum 2010
"Shooting for the 22nm Lithography Goal"

Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis,
 Mission & 4th Street, San Francisco, California

KEYNOTE by IMEC, President & CEO, Luc Van den hove
“Pushing lithography to enable the ultimate nanoelectronics”
View Presentation (PDF7: 3.9MB)

MAPPER Bert Jan Kampherbeek,
VP, Market Development
View Presentation (PDF7: 0.7MB)
ASML Hans Meiling,
Director, Product Management, EUV
View Presentation (PDF7: 10.1MB)
NIKON Steve Renwick,
Senior Principal Engineer
View Presentation (PDF7: 4.9MB)
SOKUDO Charles Pieczulewski,
Sr. Mgr., Strategic Marketing
View Presentation (PDF7: 2.7MB)


(ELECTRO IQ) 2010 July 15 news report by Laurent Pain and Didier Louis of CEA-Leti:

"SEMICON West: Lithography trends
at Sokudo breakfast forum“


Background on “Shooting for the 22nm Lithography Goal” Theme:

Optical lithography is once again being challenged at the 22nm node by alternative exposure technologies such as Extreme UltraViolet (EUV) and E-Beam Mask-Less Lithography (ML2). The future for immersion ArF lithography is not only double patterning but now also includes optical extensions by multiple patterning and flexible illumination systems.

Both EUV and ML2 confront challenges of exposure technology and infrastructure readiness for volume manufacturing as well as achieving resolution, and line-width roughness and sensitivity (RLS) process performance targets. As a potential interim solution, complementary lithography is also being proposed to mix-and-match immersion lithography with EUV or ML2 to achieve cost effective 22nm semiconductor process for manufacturing.

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