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14th Annual SOKUDO Lithography Breakfast Forum

"Lithocell Productivity: Scanner vs. Track"

The July 18, 2007 forum featured the semiconductor manufacturer's perspective by SEMATECH / IBM, lithography materials supplier JSR Microelectronics, and lithography track equipment supplier SOKUDO. Forum presentations were followed by a panel discussion, question-and-answer session with representatives from scanner and track equipment makers: ASML, Canon, Nikon and SOKUDO.

For more details see on-line SEMICONDUCTOR INTERNATIONAL article "Track, Scanner Push for Litho Productivity" by Aaron Hand: http://www.semiconductor.net/article/CA6462925.html

Presentation Files

Michael Lercel: SEMATECH / IBM View Presentation (PDF:3MB)
Mark Slezak: JSR Micro View Presentation (PDF:940KB)
Charles Pieczulewski: SOKUDO View Presentation (PDF:1MB) 

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