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株式会社SCREENセミコンダクターソリューションズ代表取締役 兼 社長執行役員 須原 忠浩

Viewed from our customer's perspective,
we will evolve to deliver
advanced technology and innovation.

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President Tadahiro Suhara

With the advent of the IoT society, semiconductors are enabling a new “Fourth Industrial Revolution” era. Our future will be driven by new AI, automotive driving (ADAS), 5G communication and related technology innovations.

Semiconductor devices are not simply embedded in electronics but drives the evolution of human society as key devices supporting social infrastructure, market expansion and enabling creative applications. Semiconductor devices have entered an age of diversity and unlimited possibilities. The increasingly sophisticated semiconductors are becoming indispensable and continuously drives new technology requirements in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

We, SCREEN have recognized this global trend of a technology driven society pushing us to constantly develop the new solutions. We continue to build closer collaborations with customers, expand activities with consortium, university, material suppliers and other equipment suppliers while, in parallel, strengthen our supply chain. Moreover, we are pleased to provide a product lineup with the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment for 300 mm leading-edge technology markets and continue to expand it to 200 mm and smaller wafers for IoT innovation. Through the complete business cycle of product development, manufacturing and service, we are proud to be providing timely and optimal customer solutions.
Keeping the customer's perspective in mind, SCREEN refines our core technologies and makes our contribution to semiconductor industry innovation
We will continue to offer high quality, high performance products and services enabling our growth and contribute to our society of the future.