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1980 Together with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., the company develops a system that directly inputs video image signals (stored on video tape) to a scanner and then outputs as four-color film.
1981 Photo: "the Sigmagraph 2000"The company's first electronic page makeup system, the Sigmagraph 2000, is introduced. This system is the forerunner of Dainippon Screen's subsequent page makeup systems.
Dainippon Screen (Nederland) B.V. is established.
1983 Dainippon Screen (Hong Kong) Ltd. is established.
1984 Dainippon Screen Engineering of America Inc. is established to service graphic arts equipment.
The Beijing Representative Office is opened.
1985 Dainippon Screen Engineering of Europe Co., Ltd., is established to service graphic arts equipment.
The Shanghai Representative Office is opened.
Photo: The Rakusai PlantThe Rakusai Plant, a state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing semiconductor production equipment, is constructed.
1987 Dainippon Screen (Australia) Pty. Ltd. is established.
1988 A majority equity interest is acquired in Island Graphics Corp., a U.S. software company.
Dainippon Screen's global network spans four continents and numbers more than 20 offices.
1989 Dainippon Screen (France) S.A. and Dainippon Screen (Canada) Inc. are established.
Akira Ishida is named the company's third president.
1990 Dainippon Screen (Taiwan) Co., Ltd., is established.
The Open-ended Modular Electronic Graphics Arts (OMEGA) Network is unveiled at DRUPA'90.
The company encourages development of LCD production technology.
1991 Bancolini S.r.l. of Italy becomes a subsidiary.
The company's European headquarters is established.
1992 Operations begin at the Yasu Plant, a large-scale facility for manufacturing semiconductor and LCD production equipment.
Photo: "The WS-820L wet station"The WS-820L wet station, with a transport system that eliminates chemical contamination, is developed.
Photo: "DTS1015"Sales of equipment for DTP commences with the introduction of the DTS1015.
1993 Photo: "TaigaSPACE"The TaigaSPACE prepress system is launched. It features open architecture compatible with standard prepress equipment.
The Valcus photogravure engraving system, which integrates a process from design to engraving of gravure printing, is launched.
1994 New Dallas Office strengthens electronic equipment operations in the U.S.A.
1995 Photo: "PlateRite 1080"Screen developed a computer-to-plate(CTP) recorder, PlateRite 1080, that can laser plot printing data directly to plates. This eco-friendly product requires no prepress film and produces no waste chemicals thus also protecting rivers and seas.
Photo: "Genasett 3100"Genasett 3100 Photo: "Genasett 3075"Genasett 3075
The world fastest film recorders, Genasett 3100 and 3075, in its class were released.
1996 Screen, Hikone Plant, received the first certificate of International Standards ISO9001. All other plants have been working to also acquire this certification.
Photo: "Super Genascan 8060"A fully digital color scanner, Super Genascan 8060, Developed.
Photo: "D-SPIN200"A new semiconductor wafer spinner, D-SPIN2000 revealed. Its unique wafer transfer units boosts productivity 50%. Overall equipment size reduced by 20 to 30%.
1997 Screen, Kyoto Head Office, received the frst certification of International Standards ISO14001.
Photo: "Genascan 5000"DTP scanner, Genascan 5000 developed.
Photo: "FC-821L"FC-821L Single-Bath Wet Station Released.
Its compact design and new chemical-recycling features quickly attracted market interest.
1998 All plants had received International Standards ISO9000 series certification.
Photo: "FC-3000"FC-3000 Photo: "SK-3000"SK-3000
300 mm Wafers Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipments introduced.
Photo: "TruePress544"Debut of Japan's First Digital Printing System "TruePress".
Photo: "Taga Plant"A new manufacturing site "Taga Plant" opened. This facility dramatically increases semicoductor equipment "Spinner" production capacity and anticipates the demands of the gigabit generation.
Photo: "PlateRite 8000"Screen revealed a brand new Computer-to-Plate (CTP) recorder, PlateRite 8000, which directly exposes prepress data onto thermal type of printing plates.
1999 Scientific and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Recycling Co., LTD. is established by Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., Towa Corporation and Horiba, Ltd. The company carries out refurbishment of used electronic equipments.
Support sites for semiconductor equipment are established in Singapore and south Taiwan.
Screen, Fuji Film and NTT communication has announced start of experimental service of communication application of high speed network for printing, publishing and advertising industries.
A2-wide size, 2 color digital printing system "TruePress742" and the world fastest monochrome digital printing system "TruePressV-200" are developed.
Photo: "750"シリーズLCD panel manufacturing equipment "750 series" is developed for the Generation 4 line, processing a maximum substrate size 800 by 900.

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