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1868 Photo: Ishida Kyokuzan Printing WorksThe Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works opens in Kyoto.
1918 Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works obtains a patent for "Transparent Film Letterpress for Lithographic Transfer", known as Ishida Films.
1934 Photo: Glass screens for photographic reproductionGlass screens for photographic reproduction of halftone plates produced commercially for the first time in Japan.
1943 Photo: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., is established; Keizo Ishida is named first president.
1946 Dainippon Screen targets becoming a comprehensive manufacturer of photographic reproduction equipment.
Photo: Wood frame process camera developedWood frame process camera developed.
1947 Tokujiro Ishida is named the company's second president.
1950 Tokyo office opens to promote sales and service in eastern Japan.
1953 -10th anniversary
Dainippon Screen acquires land to build the Horikawa Plant for manufacturing photographic reproduction equipment.
1955 Photo: "Metal meshes for television cameras"Dainippon Screen advances into supplying electronics components when its screen-making technology of engraving fine lines is applied successfully to producing metal meshes for television cameras. This work was undertaken at the request of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).
1957 Dainippon Screen succeeds in mass-producing contact screens, the first domestic company to do so.
1958 Photo: President Tokujiro Ishida travels to the United States and EuropePresident Tokujiro Ishida travels to the United States and Europe to study overseas prepress technology and markets.

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