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June 16, 1997

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Dainippon Screen Announces Consolidated Operating Results
Sales and Profits up in Fiscal 1997

  • Business Performance
  • On June 16, 1997, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., (headquarters: Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto; president: Akira Ishida) announced its consolidated operating results for fiscal 1997, ended March 31, 1997. Consolidated net sales rose 10.7%, to 234.0 billion Yen, outpacing the Company's nonconsolidated net sales growth of 9.1%. Operating income climbed 20.9%, to 21.9 billion Yen, and net income surged 71.9%, to 9.3 billion Yen, 1.5 times the Company's nonconsolidated net income.

  • Sales
  • Equipment for the Graphic Arts Industry

    Sales in the graphic arts sector benefited from printing companie's increased capital investment in digital processes. Reflecting a strong nonconsolidated performance, consolidated sales in this sector increased 19.1%, to 78.0 billion Yen. Although operating income for the sector as a whole remained negative, the extent of this loss decreased, owing to substantially stronger performances in Japan and overseas. Overseas subsidiaries in the graphic arts sector recorded particularly significant improvement.

    Equipment and Components for the Electronics Industry

    In the electronics segment, demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment was lackluster. However, orders brought forward from the preceding fiscal year buoyed divisional sales, which edged up 4.2%, to 135.6 billion Yen. Divisional operating income decreased 6.8%, to 24.7 billion Yen.

  • Financial Forecasts for Fiscal 1998
  • In fiscal 1998, ending March 31, 1998, Dainippon Screen anticipates continued strong performance from its subsidiaries and affiliates. However, the Company expects a severe operating environment to hamper corporate performance on a nonconsolidated basis. Consequently, Dainippon Screen forecasts consolidated net sales of 225 billion Yen, operating income of 14.5 billion Yen and net income of 8 billion Yen. The following tables summarize Company's fiscal 1997 operating results.

    Consolidated Operating Results for Fiscal 1997, ended March 31, 1997
    Net sales % Change from
    preceding term
    Operating income % Change from preceding term Net income % Change from preceding term
    Fiscal 1997 223,907 10.7 21,887 20.9 9,323 71.9
    Fiscal 1996 202,231 25.0 18,096 57,304.8 5,423 ---
    Net income per share of common stock (Yen) Net income per share of common stock after dilution (Yen) Ratio of net income to shareholders' equity (%)
    Fiscal 1997 56.76 49.59 14.9
    Fiscal 1996 33.04 32.97 9.8

    Financial Position
    Total assets Shareholders' equity Shareholders' equity ratio (%) Shareholders' equity per share of common stock (Yen)
    Fiscal 1997 284,872 66,913 23.5 405.78
    Fiscal 1996 264,110 57,973 22.0 353.18

    (Unless otherwise indicated, figures are expressed in millions of yen. Fractional figures less than 1 million Yen have been rounded off.)

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