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May 7, 1997

Dainippon Screen announces release of the AVANAS
A Windows95-compatible full-featured production system for fliers and leaflets

Kyoto, May 7, 1997--Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., (headquarters: Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto; president: Akira Ishida) announces the release of the "AVANAS", a full-featured production system for fliers and leaflets. This Windows 95*-compatible system is offered to the printing and prepress industry as a professional front-end processing system. (* A computer operating system from Microsoft Corp.)


In planning, designing, and prepress work for color printing, DTP (desktop publishing) systems employing a personal computer and various application software have spread widely through the industry. Currently, Macintosh computers are the most generally used for front-end processes such as planning and designing. However, creating fliers with a Macintosh involves a complicated series operations using a diversity of separate applications for page layout, photo retouching and text composition, as well as various "plug-ins" and "extensions" functions. Meanwhile, there has also been a steadily increasing demand for front-end processing systems native to Windows95-compatible personal computers, which now hold a dominant share of the personal computer market and feature fast processing speed, system stability and background multi-tasking.

Dainippon Screen designed the AVANAS system precisely to satisfy these twin needs for greater simplicity and Windows compatibility. The system's software was developed specifically for printing and prepress companies and offers an array of professional functions and productivity boosting features that set it levels above all other personal/business-use Windows95-compatible DTP software packages now on the market. There are in fact still very few Windows95-compatible prepress production systems available in Japan, and the AVANAS system is Dainippon Screen's first product in this category.

The AVANAS is a fully integrated system configured with a high performance personal computer (featuring a very fast CPU and large memory capacity), "AVANAS Leaf" flier creation software, and "AVANAS Mask" cutout mask creation software.

AVANAS Leaf provides state-of-the-art Japanese composition capabilities, as well as indispensable flier-creation functions for graphic creation, spot color processing, and other specific prepress operations. This system also supports the full line of TrueType outline fonts for high resolution output. In addition, data created with other applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel can be instantly imported with the OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) function, allowing users to easily create or edit the price tables and product lists so often included in fliers.

AVANAS Mask is a specially designed application for creating the cutout images frequently used on fliers and leaflets, and is in fact the world's first full-scale cutout mask creation software for the Windows95 environment. Used in tandem with AVANAS Leaf, this software streamlines flier/leaflet production and supports a wide range of image file formats. AVANAS Mask can thus fully exploit graphic and image data created in either the Windows95 or Macintosh environments.

Optimum output environments can be customized with the AVANAS system to match the volume of data and production format. For example, prepress film can be output from an imagesetter by connecting the AVANAS system to a TaigaSPACE integrated prepress system if a large amount of prepress processing is required in a network environment. If data editing and output are to be performed separately in such an environment, users can connect the AVANAS system to a GetThePicture file/print server. Or those wishing direct output can also connect the AVANAS system to a platform running one of Screen's renowned software RIP series.

Dainippon Screen has long offered TaigaSPACE integrated prepress systems which are based on powerful productivity-boosting UNIX platforms (Sun SPARCstations), as well as a wide variety of Macintosh-compatible systems and applications. With the Windows95-compatible AVANAS system now in the product lineup, users have yet another choice when searching for a system optimally suited to their business operations. Dainippon Screen intends to remain responsive to the diversity of user needs by continuing to develop systems and software which fully utilize the respective features of all of these standard platforms.

  • Sales price in Japan
    • AVANAS Leaf (including hardware): 4.95 million yen (plus consumption tax)
      AVANAS Mask (including hardware): 3.95 million yen (plus consumption tax)

      * Customized systems can be flexibly configured upon request (e.g., with multiple platforms and/or software components).

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