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March 13, 1997

Dainippon Screen announces development of the EZ-SYSTEM
a radically economical, user-friendly and integrated system
for film output and total solution management


There is an accelerating trend in digital prepress processing toward wider use of imagesetters for film output. However, attaining consistently high quality results with such systems requires perfect matching of the imagesetter, film, processing chemicals, and film processor, as well as careful and continuous adjustment of exposure parameters and chemical conditions. These already exacting demands have been recently compounded with industry calls for easier and more cost-effective film output techniques as well as far less cumbersome imagesetter/processor installations.

Dainippon Screen therefore designed the EZ-SYSTEM to offer an exceptionally user-friendly, automated and integrated system for film output and total processing control. Each EZ-SYSTEM combines a DT-R3100 (Screen's high-speed imagesetter for A1 plus size) and a film processor specifically designed for chemical management, and uses only Kodak's "Professional Recording 2000 Film DS-IR," "RA2010 Developer"and other Kodak processing chemicals.

  • Features
  • 1. Dramatic cost reductions
    The EZ-SYSTEM controls solution states with a personal computer, and employs a new mechanism to recycle wash water for fixer dilution. These features reduce developer and fixer usage by approximately 50%, and wash water volume by approximately 98%. The chemical management system further slashes running costs by reducing film waste and required maintenance.

    2. Easily optimized exposures and automated solution management
    The EZ-SYSTEM reads the film information with a bar code reader and sends it to the DT-R3100 which automatically optimizes laser intensity for the film's sensitivity. A similar feedback loop uses information from the DT-R3100 on each separation's exposure area to adjust developer and fixer replenishment and modulate various other development parameters to assure consistent output quality.

    3. No plumbing required
    The "Office-type"EZ-SYSTEM incorporates a special wash water cartridge and requires no plumbing whatever for water supply or drainage. It can thus be installed in any office or other work space where plumbing may be difficult, and still offer a clean and comfortable work environment. Although the "Expert type" does employ a standard water supply, it requires no plumbing for its drainage system.

    4. Expert results from novice users
    Since the system's personal computer displays the exact status and exchange times for the developer, fixer and wash water, as well as drainage times for waste solution, even inexperienced operators can achieve expert results just by following the on-screen instructions. The new one-step chemical cartridge replacement system also greatly speeds and simplifies chemical exchange.

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