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April 15, 2016

Doc. No.: NR160415-1E

"The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake on April 14"
The Current Company's Status

The SCREEN Group and its employees express deep condolences for disaster victims of the earthquake and sincerely hope for swift recovery of the people and areas affected by the disaster.

Immediately after the earthquake, SCREEN has formed the Company Emergency Committee led by President Eiji Kakiuchi.  Now the company announces the following information as of 9:00 am, April 15, 2016.


1. Company's Employees Impact:    
   We have confirmed that all SCREEN group's employees and their families in the affected area are safe.
2. Company's Facility Impact:
  ・SCREEN Kumamoto Co., Ltd. located in Mashiki-machi does not have great damage. 
・SEBACS Co., Ltd. Kumamoto Service Center located in Kumamoto City has no damage.
3. Infrastructure Impact
  ・Electricity supply, IT network:  recovered
・Mobile telephone communication:  under hard connection
4. Business Impact
  ・SCREEN Kumamoto Co., Ltd. (Mashiki-machi):  Operation is temporarily shut down on April 15
・SEBACS Co., Ltd. Kumamoto Service Center (Kumamoto City):  In business
(no impact)
・Situation of supply chain is under checking with full force.

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