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July 27, 2011

Doc. No.: MPNL110727E

Showcasing New Business Promotion Methods with the Theme "Shift to Value Creation" at IGAS2011
Introducing Case Studies and Printed Samples Offered by Real Major Clients

The Media and Precision Technology Company (President: Katsuhiko Aoki) of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan) will participate in the International Graphic Arts Show 2011 (IGAS 2011) held at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Tokyo from September 16 (Friday) to 21 (Wednesday). With its booth theme "Shift to Value Creation", Screen will introduce new business promotions by presenting case studies and printed samples offered by real major clients.

In recent years, more and more promotion clients and print buyers have been looking for more flexible promotion methods including segmented or personalized marketing, in addition to traditional mass market campaigns. To satisfy these demands, printing companies are required to invest in new printing methods as well as to establish systems for efficient segmented and personalized promotion.

Against this current background, at IGAS2011, Screen plans to introduce case studies of various successful, real-world sales promotions by major clients using Screen Print On Demand (POD) equipment. Screen will present an optimal comprehensive workflow including Screen thermal CtP, Truepress Jet520, and Truepress JetSX units, as well as POD equipment manufactured by other companies. Screen will also introduce various solutions enabling processing from order receipt through to final delivery based on collaborations with EQUIOSNET partners. These concepts will also push forward the adoption of new business promotions by printing companies.

Photo: Space design of the Dainippon Screen stand (East Hall, E3-2)Space design of the Dainippon Screen stand (East Hall, E3-2)

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Main exhibited products

Digital on-demand printing systems

  • Truepress JetSX
    The Truepress JetSX is a full-color B2 sheet-fed inkjet printing system. In addition to providing high quality approaching offset printing, the system can print directly onto offset printing paper without precoating. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve finishes that accentuate the texture (surface variation, luster) of the paper, facilitating the creation of materials with a very high level appearance. The Truepress JetSX is also equipped with a variable duplex printing function as a standard feature. The system enables the creation of new types of business with the addition of the personalization uniquely possible with digital printing in a wide range of applications such as catalogs, calendars, photo books, posters, and greeting cards.
  • Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome
    More than 300 units of Truepress Jet520 series full-color variable inkjet printing systems have already been shipped, and Screen will display a dedicated monochrome type unit from the series. The demonstration will be performed using an SED (single engine duplex) configuration, which is capable of duplex printing on sheet widths of up to 250 mm (9.84") on one unit. It will provide an opportunity to observe practical applications of monochrome type POD such as statements produced using variable printing and small lot books.


    EQUIOS is a universal workflow that integrates the printing and prepress technology and know-how accumulated by Screen over many years plus cutting-edge inkjet printing technology. Regardless of an operator's own experience, EQUIOS provides easy to use high-speed processing enabled by the latest RIP core, a practical and easy-to-use professional color management tool linked with paper information, and useful imposition schemes reflecting Screen's accumulated prepress know-how. EQUIOS systems are already fully equipped with functions that maximize the performance of Screen's inkjet systems, as exemplified by the Truepress JetSX to be exhibited at IGAS2011. In addition, with the release of the EQUIOS PT-R around the beginning of September (Japanese version), combined use with Screen's CtP PlateRite series will also be possible. This workflow removes barriers between processing stages and, thanks to its automation and labor-saving in each operational step, is able to minimize human errors.
  • Trueflow SE Ver.7
    The new EQUIOS-Pre4m job workflow is equipped with a CIP4-compliant fold catalog and is thus able to respond flexibly to the automation/alteration of imposition designs. It also promotes automation through linkage of pre- and post-printing processes using JDF. This cutting-edge version is newly equipped with features including a section function that brings real power to the creation of books.
  • EQUIOS Online
    EQUIOS Online is a remote desktop system that connects client and design/printing companies. In addition to online data upload, proofing, and approval functions linked to EQUIOS PT-R and Trueflow SE, EQUIOS Online is able to handle HTML5 output. This HTML5 output function supports page flip display on an iPad, providing a way to both deliver a new service for customers and expand business into the online publishing and digital catalog fields.

Thermal CtP

  • PlateRite HD 8900Z
    PlateRite thermal CtP systems hold the top share in the world market*. The PlateRite HD 8900Z will make its debut as a flagship model offering the highest productivity of all PlateRite A4 size 8 page CtP models, which are in the highest demand in the industry. The PlateRite HD 8900Z offers an ultra-high throughput of 67 plates per hour. In addition, the newly designed autoloader and remote control dramatically improve operability. It is also a highly environmentally friendly thermal CtP system thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, including the adoption of an energy saving mode that significantly reduces standby electricity consumption.
    * According to Screen's research.

Environmental solutions

Screen provides the printing industry with solutions that deliver optimum environmental improvements. This involves the elimination of indirect electricity wastage in air conditioning systems, etc., promotion of operational efficiency and energy saving in production facilities, and preparation for carbon footprint-related systems, all based on an approach of “visualizing energy flows”.

Introduction of client samples

  • Truepress Jet2500UV
    The Truepress Jet2500UV is a UV-cured inkjet printing system supporting roll and board media and is able to handle offset printing paper as well as a wide range of media such as transparent PET film and acrylic plates. It is a unit that is able to accommodate a variety of applications requiring high-quality images such as posters, backlit displays and window films, plus large billboards and fleet graphics. Diversified automatic maintenance functions also ensure stable continuous production. In addition, the multi-layer print function newly installed as a standard feature enables single-pass printing on up to seven layers, providing high added value applications such as window graphics that indicate a different design on the front and rear sides.
  • Truepress Jet1600UV-F2
    The Truepress Jet1600UV-F2 is an entry level model for wide-format UV-cured inkjet printing systems. In addition to sign/display applications, its high-precision printing, able to create legible characters as small as two point, allows it to handle a wide range of applications such as packages, POP display proofing, trial samples, and small lot production. As well as CMYK, the dual head for white ink allows high opaqueness. Optimal color reproduction has also been achieved even for transparent and colored media. Furthermore, the ability to use clear ink, which can be applied at the same time as other inks, allows the application of spot varnishing and emboss effects for highly decorative printing.

Creation of a demonstration base in Monzennaka-cho, Tokyo for solutions from data processing through to post-processing

On September 16 (Friday), the first day of IGAS2011, a new showroom will be opened in Monzennaka-cho, Kotoku, an area overflowing with the history of Edo (old Tokyo). This showroom will gather together equipment and software required for pre-processing including data processing, digital printing utilizing all types of inkjet printers, and post-processing such as book binding. The location will provide an opportunity to experience solutions symbolizing next-generation printing, which are made possible by the comprehensive abilities of the Screen Group, as well as cooperative efforts with other vendors.

It is Screen's goal to continue its contribution to the ongoing expansion of the printing industry through the development and support of new businesses connected by EQUIOSNET.

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