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December 14, 2015

Doc. No.: HD151214E

SCREEN Releases New Version 2.0 Software for Cell3iMager
High-speed 3D Cell Culture Scanners

Kyoto, Japan – December 14, 2015 – SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. (SCREEN HD) has released updated version 2.0 software for its series of Cell3iMager high-speed 3D cell culture scanners. These devices are capable of rapidly measuring and analyzing the multiplication and morphological changes in cells grown on 3D cell culture plates without using a reagent.

Version 2.0 supports centralized management of all settings from plate scanning through to saving of measurement results. In addition to simplifying data measurement, this greatly improves GUI operability and measurement processing speeds. A newly developed honeycomb filter also allows the measurement and observation of unstained cells cultured on flat surfaces.



■ Macro Scan: High-speed measurement processing

The entire sequence of condition settings required from scanning through to data acquisition can now be saved. All processes can then be activated with a single click.

Previous sequence

Plate positioning → Setting of scan conditions → Scan start → Recipe setting → Measurement start → Selection of save destination for measurement results → Saving of measurement results
New Macro Scan function
Plate positioning → Clicking of Macro Scan → Saving of measurement results

■ Honeycomb filter: Capture of unstained 2D cells

This new separately available option enables the observation of unstained 2D adherent cells. It addresses the difficulties in measuring and observing 2D cells previously experienced with Cell3iMager and provides significant improvements in visualization capabilities. This is expected to further expand applications for Cell3iMager in both drug discovery and regenerative medicine research.

Honeycomb filter is able to capture
the borders and fill the interiors of

Capture of cell borders

Filling of cell interiors

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