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Automatic Optical Inspection System MIYABI 7

Automatic Optical Inspection System MIYABI 7

Applications for HDI and FPC boards are expanding rapidly with the increasing sophistication of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and growing use of safety devices for automatic driving and collision prevention systems.
This trend is also creating a need for ever greater definition and density of components on these boards. MIYABI 7 combines more than 30 years of expertise and experience with our latest proprietary inspection logic, illumination and imaging technologies. It is specifically designed to cut production lead times and boost the reliability of PCBs for cutting-edge electronics.


Extremely simple setup

Incredibly easy setup of front-end software
MIYABI 7's dedicated CU-9000 setup station has undergone a major upgrade. Operators now only need to input the inspection conditions directly from their instruction document and the CU-9000 will automatically create optimized settings. After this, it is simply a matter of selecting a recipe and specifying the board thickness. The entire process can be completed in around 15 minutes.

Incredibly easy setup of front-end software

Simple 3 step setup of main unit
Once the inspection data is loaded and the board positioning is performed, if the alignment is completed successfully, MIYABI 7 is ready for operation. Inspection can be started after just three simple steps.。

Simple 3 step setup of main unit

High throughput and detection capabilities

New high-precision illumination system
New high-precision illumination systemOur uniquely designed multi-angle line/dome illumination system eliminates variations in light intensity. This feature allows it to achieve far sharper contrast, even on captured images of boards for which it was previously difficult to maintain sufficient definition between pattern and substrate areas. The end result is more accurate inspection than ever before.
The system is also equipped with three colored LED lighting modes that can be selected based on the substrate type. In addition to HDI and FPC boards, these modes enable the creation of an optimal inspection environment for a wide range of substrate materials.

Precise detection using separate pad and line settings
Precise detection using separate pad and line settingsMIYABI 7 is equipped with our newly developed inspection function for pad and line features. This function uses individual parameters to perform length inspection for each pad and line width, significantly increasing the accuracy of defect detection.

New advanced logic for hole inspection
New advanced logic for hole inspection Measurement can now be performed with even greater precision using units of submicron. The new logic dramatically improves the accuracy of checks for hole deviation, diameter and neck open errors, as well as a wide variety of defect inspections for peripheral areas.


Model PI-7-H
Light source LED(R、B、IR)
Loadable panel size 720(X)× 740(Y)mm
Maximum inspection area 720(X)× 740(Y)mm
(For size of 610 (X) x 457 (Y) mm, L/S of 20 m)
720(X)× 740(Y)mm
System dimensions (W x D x H) 1,420 × 1,940 × 1,515 mm
Weight 850 kg

Note: Figures for throughput are based on SCREEN specifications.

Inspection targets and estimated throughput

L/S (μm) 20 40
Sides/hour 155 212

Note: Board size of 610 x 457 mm Including board exchange time


Hardware-less Verification System「iSift」

Post-inspection verification of defects can be performed using a network PC. Defect images are displayed as thumbnails in real-time starting with scanned areas, allowing them to be efficiently assessed and classified as accepted or rejected using the mouse. Using this system to sort defects before starting verification in VT series equipment significantly improves processing efficiency and shortens the verification time.