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Direct Imaging System Ledia 6

Direct Imaging System Ledia 6


The Ledia direct imaging system continues to deliver the reliable exposure technology needed to meet the growing requirement for a wide variety of printed circuit boards. Ledia is able to supply the increasingly dense, high-precision PCBs required for mobile devices as well as the expanding field of car electronics.
The flexible control enabled by its three wavelength light source provides broader coverage of the wavelength regions for exposure, significantly expanding the number of supported resist types. This format improves productivity by up to 100 percent compared to two wavelength models.
Ledia is also equipped with a proprietary alignment algorithm that compensates for substrate distortion. This function helps to maintain the exceptionally high-definition finish and outstanding throughput direct imaging systems are known for.
Ledia brings together a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies for direct imaging that have kept it at the forefront of the industry. If your company is serious about growing its business and profits, Ledia is the partner you need.


Rapid alignment

Ledia 6 enables high-precision imaging of multiple alignment marks without halting the stage. This allows the number of mark positions to be increased for greater precision while maintaining consistently high throughput.
The ability to capture a larger number of mark positions in a shorter time boosts performance on multiple fronts.

UV-LED multi-wavelength exposure

SCREEN has applied proprietary technology to combine multiple UV-LED light wavelengths and used this as the light source in the Ledia direct imaging system. The adoption of a new 365, 385 and 405 nm three wavelength light source further expands the wavelength band for exposure and allows energy to diffuse through the resist film from top to bottom. In addition to providing higher sensitivity, this helps to produce more satisfactory exposure results for resists ranging from general purpose dry film to solder.

【Ledia 6S (Standard model)】
World number one imaging throughput As of May 31, 2016
(For general purpose solder resist, SCREEN research)

Together Ledia's imaging unit with its new three wavelength light source and proprietary high-speed transfer system significantly boost productivity. With speeds of 187 sides per hour* for general purpose dry film resist and 71 sides per hour* for solder resist, Ledia delivers world-leading throughput.

【Ledia 6F (Fine line model)】
Image quality supporting high value added fields

The fine line model is capable of handling line widths down to 12μm. This model also achieves an image positioning accuracy of 7 μm, providing the exceptionally high image quality required for package and module PCB and other high precision and value added fields.

High-quality exposure without selection of resist types

The combination of different light wavelengths allows all types of resist to be exposed using an optimal output ratio.
The ability to freely control the output ratio of the new three wavelength light source also enables manufacturers to pursue even higher quality.


Selectable system configuration

In addition to an automatic single-sided exposure type, the Ledia lineup includes an automatic double-sided exposure type with an added reversing unit as well as a manual exposure type.
This allows customers to select the appropriate system for their operational needs, from mass production to short run and trial production.