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Direct Imaging System LANZAN

Direct Imaging System LANZAN

LANZAN answers the need for both greater density and greater definition on printed circuit boards created by the continuing evolution of mobile devices and car electronics. The system inherits much of the functionality of Ledia 6, known for its excellent reliability in solder resist applications. It also delivers one-pass, high-definition imaging and industry-leading productivity at 8 μm level, thanks to its proprietary wide-angle, high-resolution heads. LANZAN likewise offers flexible handling of the increasing miniaturization required in mSAP production.


One-pass exposure system featuring a newly developed engine
LANZAN is equipped with a new exposure engine developed from proprietary SCREEN optical technologies. The engine uses five wide-angle, high-resolution heads to cover the entire width of a circuit board. Rapid one-pass processing enables high-output exposure.

One-pass alignment, focus and exposure
Processing can be performed without temporarily stopping the stage during either loading of alignment data or exposure. This continuous one-pass handling helps to maintain high throughput. Focusing is also performed simultaneously in a single pass, providing outstanding imaging quality.

High-precision patterning with a minimum line width of 8 μm

LANZAN's proprietary image processing algorithm enables high-precision patterning with lines and spaces of 8 and 12 μm. This delivers high-precision patterning with advanced 40 μm pitch at a practical level, as well as with the 60 μm pitch required for mSAP.

Advanced functions supporting high-precision patterning
Wide range of alignment algorithms
Multiple alignment marks arranged on a substrate surface can be scanned in one pass without reducing speed. These measurement results can then be processed using a wide selection of algorithms to achieve optimized correction for individual boards. Available algorithm types include full-scale alignment, for coverage of the entire surface, and area alignment, which targets specific parts of a board.

Mechanical clamps
Mechanical clamps enhance the suction provided by the blower for the stage to ensure boards are firmly secured on all four sides. The clamps are activated automatically according to the size of the board. The system eliminates minute distortions and warping in the surface to enable high-precision imaging.

Changes in the surface of the board are read in real-time during exposure, allowing highly precise detection of distortion and warping. This enables an extreme degree of focus that produces imaging of outstanding quality.

Selectable system configurations, from trials and short-runs to mass production

In addition to an automatic single-sided exposure type, the LANZAN lineup includes an automatic double-sided exposure type with an added reversing unit as well as a manual exposure type. This allows customers to select the appropriate system for their operational needs, from mass production to short run and trial production.


Barcode-based traceability management

Two-dimensional barcodes are automatically created for the exposure data of each strip to allow its production history to be checked. These barcodes can be read inline, enabling batch exposure of boards. Comprehensive tracking is possible right through to the final visual inspection performed after the cutting and separation of boards. This system ensures a high level of traceability is maintained during the entire production process.
Some functions are only available as options.