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Automatic Final Visual Inspection System FP-9000

Automatic Final Visual Inspection System FP-9000


Advanced IR inspection technology utilizes infrared light*

* Advanced IR inspection technology utilizes infrared light

Our cutting-edge IR technology harnesses the ability of infrared light with wavelengths over 800 nm to easily penetrate solder resist while being reected by copper for use in nal visual inspection processes. Conventional white light could be ineffective on boards with dark colored solder resist. This new technology captures these patterns with exceptional clarity, dramatically improving the accuracy of defect detection.

一般的な白色照明画像 Standard white light image
White light has a high absorption ratio on dark colored solder resist, which can cause it to be completely absorbed without reaching the pattern. This has made it difficult to perform pattern recognition on boards with dark solder resist.
  IR照明画像 IR light image
Infrared light demonstrates high penetration efficiency for dark solder resist and easily reaches the pattern. This allows it to produce extremely sharp images of patterns even on boards with dark solder resist.
Dramatically reduces time required to use the main unit during setup

We now offer three solutions for setup operations that were previously executed on the main unit, dramatically reducing the time themain unit must be used.

Cutting-edge technology automatically sets and recognizes alignment marks

We have successfully developed and applied proprietary SCREEN image and graphic processing technologies to AVI. It is now possible to automatically set and recognize alignment marks at the four corners of a board using a single button.

New detection algorithm applies human contour recognition

The FP-9000 features a proprietary image processing engine that incorporates a mechanism based on the contour recognition performed in the visual cortex of the human brain and optics technologies we have developed over many years. The engine uses a new algorithm to quickly distinguish the proles of defects. This algorithm is able to suppress false calls and provide extremely reliable detection of actual defects even for minute variations in color and brightness.



Sentflow is software for collecting and managing the inspection results generated by the FP-9000. With Sentflow, time and labor intensive data collection operations can now be performed automatically while feedback to front-end processes can be handled simply and reliably. It is also easier to locate the source in the event of a problem.
We can quickly create materials that include photographs. This has shortened the time that was required in investigating and creating documentation for defect trends and cut down the time needed to document ten-lot sets from 2 hours to 10 minutes.