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SCREEN already provides specialized thickness measurement systems for thin film solar cells. We are also pressing ahead with efforts to expand the markets for electrode coater/dryer equipment for the production of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LiB) and equipment offering uniform, high-speed deposition for various types of thin film. This deposition equipment utilizes high-density plasma emission technology, a first for our company. We are also currently investigating surface processing applications for components used in a variety of industries.

R&D case study

●Thickness measurement systems for thin film solar cells (SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd.)

●Electrode coater/dryer equipment for the production of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LiB) (SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd.)

Inspection and measurement Title

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SCREEN is engaged in the development of inspection and measurement systems that are expected to make a significant contribution to the automation and streamlining of related processes in a variety of production environments. At present, quantification issues in the final inspection of in-vehicle systems means manufacturers are dependent on visual inspection methods. We plan to address this by expanding image processing applications based on our proprietary core technologies, leading to the development of new final visual inspection systems.

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SCREEN recently developed Cell³iMager, a high-speed 3D cell culture scanner that uses our proprietary image processing technology. Cell3iMager is able to perform high-speed measurement and analysis of the multiplication and morphological changes in cells without using a test reagent. The system is expected to accelerate research related to the development of cancer drugs and also regenerative medicine. We are also working to develop an inkjet printer that uses direct imaging and image processing technology to print onto pills and tablets. The characters and images printed by this value adding system will improve identification of medicines and reduce medical errors in the pharmaceutical industry.

R&D case study

●Cell³iMager, a high-speed 3D cell culture scanner

Printed electronics Title

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Printed electronics is a technology that allows electronic patterns to be printed on substrates to create circuits, much in the same way as text is printed on paper. SCREEN has been working in this field for several years to create bridging technologies between electronics and printing processes for high-precision image formation. We have leveraged our proprietary high-definition printing technologies to enable circuit pattern formation on thin, lightweight and bendable substrates and are now pushing forward with the development of technologies that will lead to the creation of new applications such as e-paper, high-resolution touch panels and microsensors.

R&D case study

Printro-I-nics (movie)

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