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Automatic visual inspection system IM-4100

 Automatic visual inspection system IM-4100

Until now, inspection for problems such as missing parts or assembly errors has depended almost completely on human operators, making the procedure inefficient and leading to the out flow of defective items due to human error. SCREEN has been working to apply its core image processing technologies to resolve the problem. The result is the IM-4100 automatic visual inspection system for assembled components, featuring a newly developed proprietary optical system. The IM-4100 is equipped with a number of high-precision algorithms that use sensitive heuristic analysis to detect faulty or missing parts and determine whether factors such as positional alignment and installation angles are within acceptable limits. Automatic pass or fail assessment of all necessary inspection points can be performed at a speed of approximately 0.5 seconds* per inspection. Please download the brochure from here



■IM-4100 is suitable for the automatic visual inspection for high-mix low-volume production.

・IM-4100 makes the automatic visual inspection be possible even similar parts are produced in a same line under high-mix low-volume production.

・Human errors occurred by frequent changings of criteria are prevented by IM-4100.

・Even in changing the frequently design, It is possible to get the update “Inspection standard” on the production data base from the information of QR/barcode.

・IM-4100 reads QR code or Bar code and download a newest assemble manual from MES※.
※:manufacturing execution system.

・Even in the multiple inspection points, it is possible to inspect multiple points at one time. With equipped optimized algorism, any foreign parts, defects will be found with in 0.5second per position.

・It is possible to inspect the items which are too big to hold by hands and the heavy weight items. Cost is reduced by saving human inspecter.  
※:It depends on filed size of view.                                                                                                                                                                                       

■It is compatible with both “ambiguous” and “accurate” inspection.

・It is possible “ambiguous inspection” close to a human’s visual sense.

・It is possible “accurate inspection” that IM-4100 accurately inspects the points which people find difficulty and tend to overlook.
 IM-4100 is able to inspect minute or difficult to observe defects, human seems to overlook.

・Every optimized algorism for each inspection items are selected..

・It is possible to detect faulty, missing parts and assembly errors for a screw or a bolt.
※:It is not possible to detect tightening torque.

■IM-4100 solves the issues of robotic inspection.

・IM-4100 does not need “fine adjustment・teaching” for multiple joints robots

・IM-4100 overcomes the weakness of multiple joints robots inspection, such as reproducibility of positional alignment, sensitive heuristic analysis etc.

・IM-4100 realized high reproducibility visual inspection by the shuttle type conveyance system that an assembly component sare just put on it.

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