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Univac's AR and AF coating systems Sputter

Univac's AR and AF coating systems Sputter

STP-1650 Sputtering System for AR and AF Coatings
Vacuum coating system combining a sputter source for AR films and thermal source for AF films


  1. Substrate cleaning
    The linear ion source incorporated into this system releases high-energy ions to clean the substrate, ensuring a high level of adhesion.
  2. AR coating
    Two dual cylindrical cathodes are featured, creating stable coating at high speed and with a high level of quality. A usage efficiency of at least 70% is achieved for the target.
  3. AF coating
    Multiple filaments enable a uniform, high-quality AF coating that is highly durable and water-resistant, since there is no absorption in the visible light spectrum.
  4. Panel inverter type high-speed drum
    The STP-1650 features a drum that spins at high speeds (up to 100 rpm) to ensure a highly uniform coating. An inverter type panel is used to hold the sample, which faces the sample towards the sputter source on the outside of the drum and the thermal vapor deposition source on the inside of the drum. This allows for a continuous process for AR and AF coatings using only one drum.

Coating performance (example)

 Number of layers
7 (including the AF layer)  
 Reflectivity (AR)
≤ 0.5%  
 Contact angle (AF)
≥ 110°  
 Substrate size
200 x 125 mm  
 Processing count per batch
192 pcs.  
 Takt time
70 min.  


USP-450 Magnetron Sputtering System

Up to six cathodes can be provided. Optimal for high-speed coating and layering.

Thermal Sputtering System

Features both a thermal vapor deposition source for AR coating and a sputter source for adhesive layers. Optimal for coating of anti-fingerprint materials on smartphones and many other kinds of displays.

Arc Sputtering System

Features both an arc vapor deposition source and a sputter source.
Optimal for decorating or creating hard coating on ceramics, plastics and metals.

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