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Wet Chemical Pprocessing Equipment MC-R100P

Wet Chemical Pprocessing Equipment MC-R100P

This equipment enables the chemical spray and immersion (dip) processing that is normally performed in liquid crystal, semiconductor, solar cell, and other technical applications.
Since it can provide a process environment which approaches that at an actual production site even on a laboratory scale, various phenomena at the production site can be fed back to development.
This equipment is ideal for intermediate evaluation that fills the gap between fundamental experiments and on-site testing for material development, process research, and more.


  1. Handles fluid spray processing, dip processing and experiments in various applications like chemical etching and DI water rinsing.
  2. Substrates can be reciprocated (agitated) inside the processing chamber.

R&D to mass production

  Mass production equipment


 Substrate type
glass, resin, film, metal foil, etc.
Acid, Alkaline, organic solvent, etc..
※The processing chamber is available in SUS or PVC specifications.

 Substrate size

Max. 150 x 150 mm (square substrate)
Max. W150 x L300 x H100 mm (three-dimensional shape)
※For larger substrates, please contact us.
 Process tool
Spray nozzle/substrate oscillation/dip
800 x 1,100 x 1,100 mm (main unit)


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