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Slit Coater LC-R300G/400G

Slit Coater LC-R300G/400G



  1. SCREEN's long experience with the technology required for coating systems for FPD has led to the development of a proprietary coating die with exceptional coating uniformity.
  2. Due to its liquid feed method that employs a super-low volume pump, testing with the LC-R300G is possible with as little as 50 cc (15-cc pipe capacity) of coating material.
  3. In addition to coating of the entire surface, the LC-R series is also available for stripe coating, intermittent coating, and block coating.
  4. Vacuum Dry Chamber and Hot Plate are also available (option).
  5. Installation of the LC-R300G in an environmental chamber enables coating tests under an environment in which oxygen, moisture, and other parameters are controlled.


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 Model name
 Coating method
Slit coating (Die coating)
 Substrate type
Glass, resin, film, metal foil, etc.
 Substrate size
Max. W300 x L300 mm
W50 x L50 to W400 x L500 mm
 Suitable viscosity

1 to 10,000 mPa・s


910 x 940 x 1,700 mm

1,758 x 2,000 x 2,150 mm
Coating pattern


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