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Nozzle Printer NP-750G/2200G

SCREEN's proprirtary ultra high-speed nozzle printing system to handle a wide range of applications, from microscopic lines to full surface coating.

As the nozzles move at a high speed of up to 5 m/s, the flow per unit area can be microminiaturized and thin film formation is possible on a nano-order level.


  1. Handles a greater range of fluids than an inkjet printer and generates no satellites.
  2. Delivers outstanding film thickness uniformity at less than ±1.5% flow uniformity and transfer speed uniformity of ±1%.
  3. Handles microscopic patterns of tens of micrometers in width all the way to full surface coating.
  4. Multiple sets of nozzles enable simultaneous coating of 3 different fluids.
  5. All adjustments, including the inter-nozzle pitch, substrate alignment, and drop placement alignment, can be accomplished automatically within a few minutes.
  6. Recipes can be used to set the coating program.


 Model name
 Printing method
Nozzle printing (SCREEN original)
 Substrate type
Glass, resin, film, metal foil, etc.
 Substrate size
Max.730 x 920 mm (Gen 4)
Max. 2200 x 2500 mm (Gen.8)
 Nozzle transfer speed
Max. 5 m/sec.
 Nozzle dispense width
Min. tens of μm
 Printing film thickness
Tens of nm to several μm
Printing pattern


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