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Responsibility to Suppliers

Fair Transactions

Openness and Fairness Central to Our Procurement

We conduct procurement activities based on four basic policies: open and fair trade, partnership, global orientation, and CSR procurement.

The SCREEN Group was an early adopter of an Internet-based electronic procurement system. By virtue of this system, we have made our order placement process more visible and ensure that transactions are speedy and fair. We also conduct periodic seminars to familiarize SCREEN Group employees in charge of purchasing with the Subcontract Act and confirm thorough compliance by performing voluntary checks on transactions.

Going forward, we plan to cover compliance even more thoroughly as part of our education on the purchasing function. Meanwhile, we are working to strengthen our supply chain in an effort to prevent supply disruptions in the event of major disasters and other contingencies.

Four Basic Procurement Policies

  • ◆Open and fair Trade: Pursue Fair and Equitable Procurement Activities
  • The SCREEN Group will:

    - Provide suppliers with fair and equal opportunities globally

    - Evaluate and select suppliers in light of quality, cost, delivery time, risk management, technological expertise, and environmental impact

    - Welcome proposals from new suppliers, regardless of their size

◆Partnership: Promote Mutual Growth Based on Mutual Trust
We believe that close communication is essential to building better partnership with suppliers.
We endeavor to promote mutual growth through sound business based on mutual trust.

◆Global Orientation: Seek Suppliers Globally
As the SCREEN Group expands global business even further, we will go beyond borders to seek the best suppliers.

◆CSR Procurement: Abide by the SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct
As our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, we have established the SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct for suppliers, and ask them to contribute to the development of supply chains.

Promoting CSR Procurement

Promoting CSR Procurement through the SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct

The SCREEN Group strives to meet the requirements outlined in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct for the electronics industry supply chain, responding to such issues as conflict minerals. In order to promote responsible business and thereby enhance corporate value with our suppliers, we formulated the SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct in May 2013.

SCREEN conducted supplier compliance self-check on the basis of SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct to approximately 60 factory suppliers, mainly semiconductor business. In order to improve supplier compliance, SCREEN has educated suppliers.

Moreover, as part of our environmental initiative, we have made it our top priority to supply “Green Products” from “Green Factories.” To ensure that the products we manufacture are "Green," we must make sure that the environmental impact of the components and materials we use are minimized. The suppliers’ stance on environmental protection is also a critical factor for green procurement. Based on this belief, we have updated our Green Procurement Standards to promote environmentally-friendly procurement.

Communication with Suppliers

Sharing Management Policies and Presenting Awards

Best Partner Party 2013Best Partner party (December 2013)

We hold various interactive events with our suppliers in order to strengthen our relationships of cooperation and mutual benefit. In December 2013, nine suppliers were awarded who excel in areas of quality, cost, delivery time, risk management, technological expertise and environmental response.

Performance Report

CSR performance report is available in the Annual Report.

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