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Social Activities

With the goal of earning the trust and meeting the expectations of society while keeping an eye on the future, we are pursuing a high level of customer satisfaction and trust as one of our top priorities.

We conduct procurement activities based on four basic policies: open and fair trade, partnership, global orientation, and CSR procurement.

One of our most important priorities is to promote workplace health and safety, and we strive to provide a workplace that enables diverse employees to maximize their potential.


We strive to continually enhance our corporate value by communicating our corporate vision, business conditions, and financial position in a precise, timely, and clear-cut fashion and by using feedback to improve Company management.

Based on the goals of providing products and services that feature superior environmental and safety performance, contributing to industrial development, and returning profits to society, we are building relationships of trust with communities and engaging in social contribution activities in which all our employees can take part.

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