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Management Targets

Green Value 21, Phase IV: Targets and Performance

In April 2017 we began executing Phase IV of GV21. As part of this program, we have formulated a new EHS framework that is based on the “promotion of CSR management with a focus on ESG,” which is one of the pillars of our new three-year medium-term management plan. In the EHS framework, we set a long-term goal of reducing total value chain CO2 emissions (per unit of sales) by 20% by fiscal 2026 compared with fiscal 2014, and we are implementing wide-ranging measures toward that goal. We calculated value-chain CO2 emissions by adding CO2 emissions such as those produced by SCREEN products during customer use (Scope 3) to facility CO2 emissions (Scope 1+2). As a new target of the GV21, phase IV, we set the target for “Promote biodiversity conservation” and implementing action plans.

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